Our Story - Why We're In This!

Photo credit: 21st Century Challenges

On the surface, throwing away a half-eaten sandwich is such an insignificant act.

Organic food is more popular than ever before. Available in supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants all over America, it has never been easier to find a vegetable free of chemical additives, or meat that is hormone free.

But despite the demand for safer food, for the vast majority of farms, the process for growing and cultivating crops is still essentially the same; treat plants with a variety of herbicides and pesticides, grow far more food than you can sell (or anyone will eat), and dump any leftovers in landfills. Unless you’re growing all of your food in a garden, it is still very possible to eat something chemically treated that has been labeled “organic."

Our current system is unsustainable. More importantly, it’s unhealthy. If we’re to ensure a better tomorrow, we have to start making changes to the way we grow food today.

That’s why we developed Re-Nuble, a line of organically-based food for hydroponics and traditional gardens. We source locally from households and community farms that have leftover or discarded materials like fruits and vegetables. Unlike other conventional products, our unique line of plant supplements helps produce greater plant yields while ensuring that there are no unnecessary chemical additives, all at a fraction of the cost of other plant boosters.