Re-Nuble and the Organic Cycling Science Method

Organic Cycling Science

Written by Riyana Razalee 

The Problem: “Take, Make, Waste”

When we think of a typical production process, the immediate model that comes to mind is a linear “take, make, waste” concept. Raw materials flow in, they are then transformed into the final product, distributed to consumers, and eventually discarded. While the initial thought is that this inefficiency applies mostly to consumer products, unfortunately this is not the case. This problem exists within all industries, including agriculture and food systems. The amount of valuable resources in the form of nutrients that leak out, knowingly and unknowingly, across all stages of the production process, is unsettling. 

The Solution: Organic Cycling Science (OSC)

Enter Organic Cycling Science (OSC). Designed by our team at Re-Nuble, it is a method of efficiently taking organic nutrients and transforming it into viable, soluble nutrients, placing it back into the food system for continuous reuse until a small percentage of its solids have no longer any residual value. It creates a closed loop organic nutrient supply chain, and is a carbon negative process done at scale, making it competitive to less sustainable commercial-level options.

The design principles that drive OSC are 

Organic Cycling Science

Creation of new and profitable markets
By extracting organic nutrients from the current linear ecosystem, which would have otherwise been considered “waste”, a completely “blue ocean”, profitable market is created.

Unimpeded resource recirculation
Organic nutrients are transformed into products which then go back into the food system, creating a closed-loop and long-term recirculation of the natural resources from participant waste streams and the greater food system.

Sustainable outcomes
For OSC to reverse all of the nutrient wastage that is currently ongoing, it must be done at scale, marked by clear and measurable improvements environmentally, economically, and socially.

Re-Nuble’s Application of Organic Cycling Science

At Re-Nuble, we strive to be the world’s enabler of closed loop food and we do that through the organic cycling science method. We intend to make soilless farming a more profitable and sustainable business while operating in a closed loop system. Through our proprietary nutrient delivery system, we mimic the greater natural ecosystem as closely as possible, and do this through the following:

Organic Cycling Science

Why Organic Cycling Science is Important to Re-Nuble

Recognizing that nobody has been able to efficiently take organic nutrients and turn it into a viable nutrient solution at a scale that makes it competitive to commercial grade synthetic fertilizers, we decided that we would lead this global change. We have successfully aligned every aspect of our product with the OSC principles.

Our mission is clear. We want to help communities and farms around the world reimagine food waste, by transforming it into an important renewable nutrient for closed-loop agriculture. Organic Cycling Science allows us to do this, and as we say here at Re-Nuble, “Yesterday’s Leftovers. Tomorrow’s Abundance.” 

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