Re-Nuble's LinkedIn Small Business Story

By Tinia Pina

As you may know, Re-Nuble uses a patent pending process to transform organic certified produce waste into non-toxic, water soluble, liquid hydroponic nutrients that help boost hydroponic yields comparable to chemical alternatives.  We are focused on the commercialization of formulas and technologies to turn food waste streams into biobased materials for indoor growing systems. 

Ultimately, we seek to instill more trust and reliability in the performance of biologically derived (or biobased) products for our customers and its use in their hydroponic systems, increasing the transparency of how they grow their food. Our mission is twofold, however, as we are also trying to help make a dent in our country's abundant food waste volumes by safely stabilizing and incorporating this waste stream as an ingredient in our nutrient blends.

We sell our bottled fertilizer products in multiple unit sizes, direct to consumers from our website and wholesale to our retail partners. Everyday, we're reminded of three main reasons our customers organically seek our products:

(1.) The sustainability aspect of our mission and products speak to their personal values and the ethos they want for their farms;

(2.) Individuals want to grow organic because of their personal lifestyle and/or due to strong demand exhibited by their own customer base; and

(3.)  Consumers are concerned that ingredients are being compromised for chemical alternatives due to typical cost saving and business restructuring tactics caused by industry consolidation.

When Re-Nuble was first incorporated, we were heavily dependent on consultants and freelancers during our infancy and because of these experts' time and energy Re-Nuble was incubated into something much larger and with a more grandiose vision than we had initially imagined. These individuals helped us quickly iterate our product development, validate our market fit during customer interviews, and evolve into a much less capital intensive, distributed business model that exists today. Before LInkedIn ProFinder, I would scrub Meetup groups and LinkedIn profiles and try to pitch individuals that I felt would be compelled to work with us on a project basis. The risk of rejection was high but I found that by being able to filter profiles based on common interests it was the most efficient way to find consultants that were mutually passionate about our work and hadn't existed on platforms such as or Upwork.

With the advent of LinkedIn ProFinder, it empowers entrepreneurs, like me, and small businesses, like Re-Nuble, to efficiently search for consultants and freelancers interested in leveraging their domain expertise in ways that create measurable impact to startups and small businesses. This means helping us achieve:

(1.) Scalable profitability; 

(2.) Smooth hiring experience for upcoming new hires; and

(3.) A unique process that helps us truly be able to source all of a plant's nutritional needs from food waste.

Now, how would you leverage LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder to maximize the impact of your business? You too, should enter for the contest today!





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