Our Process

Approximately 12,000 tons of food waste per year in New York City, including waste from Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, is currently sent to commercial processing facilities for composting and resource recovery. Food scraps not sent to these facilities constitute around 19% of the waste dumped in landfills, where it ends up rotting and producing greenhouse gases that have contributed to the rapid development of global warming. Every year, Re-Nuble has the potential to divert 438,000 lbs of food waste from landfilling, preventing 670,000 of CO2 equivalent from being emitted.



    Our goal is to ensure that scrap of pre-consumed, organic certified food waste unable to be redirected for human or animal consumption is recycled and makes its way back to the earth in a safe, sustainable manner. By offering a unique line of value added agricultural products sourced from produce waste that would otherwise end up in landfills - around 4 lbs of organically certified produce waste is contained in each 1 gallon unit of product - Re-Nuble is making it easier to close nutrition and agricultural gaps that affect us at a local level while reducing the overall cost to properly handle food waste.


    1200 pounds of organic produce waste passes through our machine each day. Once placed in its chamber with a specific amount of water, the food waste is heated up to a safe temperature and begins the process of nutrient extraction and eradication of harmful bacteria. After this, our product is filtered and undergoes vigorous quality control checks to ensure our customers receive the best product possible. On average our process uses 20 kilowatts per day, less than most households use daily.


    By using Re-Nuble products, you are contributing to our promise of providing a safe and sustainable method of treating food waste while giving your produce impeccable amounts of non-synthetic nutrients that you can trust how they are made and where they are sourced from. Join Re-Nuble in bringing an end to food waste today!