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Welcome to Re-Nuble

We create bio-derived, non-toxic, liquid fertilizer for hydroponic growers as an affordable and effective alternative to chemicals.


Key Product Features


Re-Nuble offers one of the world’s first organic-based, water soluble, nutrient solutions that neither causes clogging nor promotes bacterial growth in hydroponic systems.

Less Expensive

Re-Nuble’s products are 40% less expensive than the leading chemical hydroponic brand.


Our line of nutrients is developed from plants, for plants. We do not introduce chemical additives, and we use recycled food waste in our plant food making process.

100% Chemical-FREE

Our line of products contains no artificial ingredients. Safer ingredients mean safer environments for children and pets.

Optimal Growth

Our products stimulate vigorous vegetative growth and encourage sturdier, healthier stems and leaves. This provides just the right amount of nutrients and minerals to create the kind of healthy plants that are needed later in the plant’s growth cycle for more abundant buds and blooms.

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Our Impact

Re-Nuble supports Improved Access to Healthy & Affordable Food For All. We aim to create a #RealFoodFuture.

Every time one of our products is purchased, Re-Nuble is able to make an impact in a community through one of our Green Back Projects.

Our Partners

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