Developing Horticultural Substrates for Performance & Sustainability @ CEA 4.0

Developing Horticultural Substrates for Performance & Sustainability by Re-Nuble


Our Senior Director of Research & Development, JC Chidiac, spoke recently at the CEA 4.0 Conference, hosted by Tech 4.0, where he explored the topic of “Developing Horticultural Substrates for Performance & Sustainability”.

During this virtual conference, over 500 indoor growing professionals from 250+ farms, produce suppliers, and industry solution providers came together to discuss the advancements, innovation, and efficiencies that are ongoing to support the evolution and development of the controlled environment agriculture industry and climate-smart agriculture.

Several of the takeaways include:

  • An Overview of the Global Horticultural Substrates Market
  • Challenges and Opportunities Related to Current Substrate Options Prompting the Need for Innovation
  • Re-Nuble's Innovative Approach to Increase Control of Irrigation Management
  • How Our ReNu Terra Grow Media Product LinePushing the Need to Optimize for Performance and Sustainability Using Grow Media 

To watch the full panel, click the video below (or click HERE)