Our On-Site Waste Integration Technology

waste integration technology, fertilizer
In an expanded effort to help soilless farms optimize their operations cost reductions, we are providing a method that will help soilless farms capture and introduce water solution, organic nutrients from their production waste as a free supplementary and sterile biostimulant source. Our organic cycling science approach allows farms to finally use a fully integrated, closed loop and self-sustaining nutrient system capable of reducing input and disposal costs and increasing efficiencies.

  • Be at the forefront of adopting an affordable and sustainable best practice - managing, unsellable, perishable produce
  • Strengthen your brand by demonstrating traceability of your inputs and communicating how your produce is sustainability grown

  • We increase internal efficiencies related to waste logistics
  • We create water savings by the reuse of recycled water
  • We calculate and brand our farm's reduced carbon footprint
  • We help farms meet operating mandates related to carbon emissions reductions enforced by shareholders, government bodies, and other stakeholders

  1. Agricultural input cost reduction
  2. Water use savings
  3. Water-Soluble nitrate-nitrogen made available from your supplementary biostimulant source
  4. Energy usage
  5. Reduced environmental fines due to diverted nitrate discharge
  6. Additional macro and micronutrient supplied by method
  7. Reduced carbon emissions
  8. Return on investment
  9. Offset in costs due to waste diversion

Re-Nuble's Plug-and-Play On-Site System Integrates with Existing Infrastructure
Re-Nuble supplies our uniquely designed system (consisting of tanks, valves, and sensors) used to measure nutrient composition, pH, EC, and solids reduction prior to discharging supplementary biostimulants to your water reservoir. This plug-and-play system is an add-on to your farm's existing infrastructure.

Fully Automated
Re-Nuble's on-site system is compatible with existing dosing controllers.

Customized Farm Set Up
Tank size is tailored the space availability of each farm.