Reducing the Gap Between Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

Headquartered in New York City, Re-Nuble is a leading developer of innovative, plant-based and animal-free agricultural technologies sourced from verified, unrecoverable vegetative waste streams. Our novel approach to providing a controllable organic nutrient system allows soilless farms to benefit from many of the same aspects of growing organically in a soil environment.

Technology Benefits

  • When Going Green Makes Dollars And Sense

    Our cost competitive organic nutrients are comparable in price to mineral salts, while the only commercially used organic alternative is up to 69% more expensive.

  • "Save Money and Stop Shipping Water"

    Compatible for soilless and hydroponic systems, our solution allows farmers to significantly save on shipping and storage costs per its one-year shelf-life compared to other organic solutions. 

  • Food Waste As a Fertilizer Compatible for Soilless Systems

    Our on-site nutrient system technology's production of biologically active compounds from robust bacterial communities, allows for lower nitrate concentrations (in ppms). A farm is able to achieve similar crop growth at a fraction of the nitrate concentration due to robust micro bacterial activity.