Bringing Back Closed Loop Food

Re-Nuble provides the most sustainable growing options to indoor growers. Our sterile liquid, water-soluble, organic hydroponic nutrients (sourced from food byproducts) are cost competitive to synthetic mineral salts. Our grow media is fully recyclable (within 60 days or less) compared to rockwool and peat. We are pushing the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry to become more sustainable, eliminating landfill waste and greenhouse gases. Founded with the mission to help global agricultural communities safely reuse localized food waste, we strive to accelerate environmentally-friendly growing practices.

Our Platform of Sustainable Solutions

Away We Grow® 4-1-1 Concentrate

Our water-soluble, liquid organic hydroponic nutrients sourced predominantly from sterilized vegetative waste.

By using Away We Grow®, a one acre farm eliminates 1.62 metric tons of CO2e from the atmosphere annually and removes 18.75 pounds of CO2e for every gallon of that would otherwise have been released from food waste sent to landfills.

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Booster Shot® Biostimulant

Our water-soluble, liquid biostimulants sourced exclusively from sterilized vegetative waste, and plant extracts. Booster Shot® promotes vigorous root growth as a germination accelerant and immunity enhancer.

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ReNu Terra™

Developed in an exclusive partnership with CruzFoam, our ReNu Terra, a fully compostable and inert grow media, guarantees uniformity, water retention and drainage. Additional value is delivered by its chitin and carbon available from upcycled crustacean waste.

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On-Site Food Waste Recovery System

Turn your farm into a circular, resource efficient operation. By helping to close the loop, Re-Nuble can return the value of your post production byproducts (e.g. wastewater, roots, and produce trimmings) into value. Decrease your dependence on external potable water and chemical inputs.

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Why Re-Nuble?

Competitevely Transition Towards a Closed Loop Operation

Competitively Transition Towards a Closed Loop Operation

Increase Your Profitability

Increase Your Profitability

Source Water-Soluble Nutrients From Sterile, Vegetative Waste

Source Water-Soluble Nutrients From Sterile, Vegetative Waste

Reduce Your Dependence On Carbon Intensive Mineral Salts

Reduce Your Dependence On Carbon Intensive Mineral Salts

Our Product Standard Commitments

Food Safety Compliant

Help decarbonize the food value chain

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