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A bloom formula made by plants, for plants

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organic fertilizer for plants
hydroponic fertilizer
  • Food Waste --> Fertilizer

    A Sustainable System

  • ZERO Chemical Additives

    Upcycled + Organic + NON-GMO



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Re-Nuble's LinkedIn Small Business Story

Re-Nuble's LinkedIn Small Business Story
By Tinia Pina As you may know, Re-Nuble uses a patent pending process to transform organic certified produce waste into non-toxic, water soluble, liquid hydroponic nutrients that help boost hydroponic yields comparable to chemical alternatives.  We are focused on the commercialization of formulas and technologies to turn food waste streams into...

Welcome the Re-Nuble Microgreens #FLAVORCHALLENGE

Welcome the Re-Nuble Microgreens #FLAVORCHALLENGE
Enter for a chance to win a $200 gift card to Re-Nuble.   Contest Rules. The $200 gift card can be used on all products sold at our online store at Submit a photo of how your microgreens look  when they are #winning when fed with our Booster Shot!© nutrients in your vertical farm, countertop hydrogarden, aerogarden, and/or NFT system. We're not picky! Photos must be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram. These hashtags...

The Classification Gap of Organic Hydroponic Food

The Classification Gap of Organic Hydroponic Food
Written By Tinia Pina Background A few months ago, in July 2016, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a memorandum to the Organic Standards Board (OSB), which reported the findings of the Hydroponic and Aquaponic Task Force (HATF). In the memo, the HATF reinforced earlier findings of the OSB,...

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