Bringing Back Closed Loop Food

Enabling Farms to Transform Food Waste into Plant-Based Organic Hydroponic Nutrients for Soilless Cultivation

Headquartered in New York City, Re-Nuble is a leading developer of innovative, plant-based and animal-free agricultural technologies sourced from verified, unrecoverable vegetative waste streams. Our nutrient delivery system's  ability to provide controllable organic nutrient compounds to crops in a recirculated system is what we do best. We apply organic cycling science to soilless farms so that they can operate more efficient, closed-loop food production environments, benefitting from many of the same aspects of growing organically in a soil environment.

Technology Benefits

  • Food Waste As Water-Soluble Nutrients Compatible for Soilless Systems

    Re-Nuble's nutrient delivery system's production of biologically active compounds from robust bacterial communities, allows for lower nitrate concentrations (in ppms). A farm is able to achieve similar crop growth at a fraction of the nitrate concentration due to robust micro bacterial activity. 

  • When Going Green Makes Dollars And Sense

    Our cost competitive organic nutrients are comparable in price to mineral salts, while the only commercially used organic alternative is up to 69% more expensive.

  • Organic Nutrients That Are All The Way Real

    We steward transparency in our nutrients as much as we appreciate it in our food supply chain.

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