Reducing the Gap Between Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers

Headquartered in New York City, Re-Nuble is a leading developer of innovative, plant-based and animal-free agricultural technologies sourced from verified, unrecoverable vegetative waste streams. Our novel approach to providing a controllable organic nutrient system allows soilless farms to benefit from many of the same aspects of growing organically in a soil environment.

Technology Benefits

  • "Save Money and Stop Shipping Water"

    Re-Nuble's on-site nutrient system is 15x more cost competitive than inorganic fertilizers (mineral salts).  

    Compatible for soilless and hydroponic systems, our solution allows farmers to significantly save on shipping and storage costs per its one-year shelf-life. compared to other organic solutions. 

  • Controllable Nutrient Delivery

    Our technology allows for 'fast release' of its organic nutrients, converting them into inorganic forms without the usage of soil bacteria and fungi. With the ability to store our product as "raw ingredients" for on-site nutrient production, a farmer has the control to produce as much nutrients needed, as needed based on specialty crop production requirements. 

  • Customizable Nutrient Delivery System

    Giving the farmer more control of organic nutrient usage, a farmer can increase or slow down nutrient production based on current needs and still receive the progressive, long-term residual benefits of feeding the crops a full spectrum of micronutrients, beneficial enzymes, probiotics and vitamins through bacterial digestion. This can be achieved while limiting additional input adjustments and monitoring needed to control for EC and pH.