Bringing Back Closed Loop Food

Re-Nuble is an MWBE-certified agricultural technology company that uses organic cycling science™ technology to transform unrecoverable vegetative food byproducts into a platform of sustainable technologies for soilless farming.

Our closed-loop process transforms unrecoverable food byproducts into organic goods while eliminating landfill waste and greenhouse gasses. We are founded with the mission to help global agricultural communities reimagine localized food waste for more sustainable, environmentally-friendly growing practices.

Technology Benefits

  • Food Waste As Water-Soluble Nutrients Compatible for Soilless Systems

    Re-Nuble's nutrient delivery system's production of biologically active compounds from robust bacterial communities, allows for lower nitrate concentrations (in ppms). A farm is able to achieve similar crop growth at a fraction of the nitrate concentration due to robust micro bacterial activity. 

  • When Going Green Makes Dollars And Sense

    Our cost competitive organic nutrients are comparable in price to mineral salts, while the only commercially used organic alternative is up to 69% more expensive.

  • Organic Nutrients That Are All The Way Real

    We steward transparency in our nutrients as much as we appreciate it in our food supply chain.

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