Re-Nuble’s vision is to create closed loop agriculture systems throughout America and the world in which food waste does not exist, chemical additives have no place in our food, and farmers and growers feed their local communities, not landfills.

By catering to hydroponic growing, we support a solution for greatly increasing our food production without overtaxing land, natural resources, or destroying wildlife habitat. Rather than be discouraged by the urgent challenges our planet faces, we are inspired to work more diligently and creatively towards:

  • A world in which Earth’s precious resources are better utilized and food is used, not wasted.
  • A planet in which communities understand our food cycle – from the environment and agriculture to our commerce systems – and are empowered to make healthy food choices.
  • A future in which community involvement helps to create fair access and opportunity for a healthy, food secure society at the local level.


Re-Nuble’s mission is to sustainably manage our local communities’ consumed resources, rendering them into valuable renewable inputs at minimal or zero cost to the environment.


Tired of not seeing more local produce options available as a volunteer Prep SAT Teacher for New York Cares Harlem, New York City, where nutrition heavily influences the productivity and furthermore success of a kid's future, I took matters into my own hands. Our kids that were being asked to start classes at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings would usually crash around lunch and I could directly see the impact of how the lack of nutrition hindered their ability to retain the weekly lessons and delayed their responses in recalling information. I have always been a firm believer that nutrition greatly impacts our productivity which further dictate the type of future we may have with regards to our professional lives.

At the time, I was also aware that New York City was spending around $33 million dollars each year to export its organic waste to Virginia, China, and Pennsylvania landfills. I felt that by solving two large systemic issues in the United States, the large volumes of food waste generated and the affordability of organically grown produce, I could provide one solution that would address both, creating an organic-based liquid hydroponic nutrient from organic-certified produce waste. By offering a natural alternative to synthetics for hydroponic and soil growers that have been searching for ways to cultivating food and plants without using chemicals, she became committed to using food waste as a technology to indirectly increase the domestic organic produce supply in the United States. In 2015, Re-Nuble launched online, quickly becoming a brand that stands for traceability, equity, and sustainability in our food systems.


Re-Nuble Founder Tinia Pina


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