FAQ - ReNu Terra Mats - Saturation - How Hard Can It Be?


    Our Senior Director of R&D, JC Chidiac, sheds light on how well and easy it is to wet our ReNu Terra mats in the above video.


    Main Takeaways:

    • ReNu Terra Mats take 5 seconds or less if you're using spray nozzles for your irrigation water with the same pressure as a conventional shower head.
    • When ReNu Terra Mats are constantly saturated due to continuous irrigation, air pockets are retained that provide adequate oxygen to the root zone.
    • ReNu Terra Mats used to grow microgreens and baby greens are free of risks related to human pathogens, heavy metals, plastics, and soil pathogens. 


    ReNu Terra Mats for Microgreens

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