FAQ - ReNu Terra Mats - Optimal Conditions for Stellar Root Growth


    Our Senior Director of R&D, JC Chidiac, sheds light on how our higher air porosity (of 69% by volume ) still allows for balanced access to moisture but high levels of oxygen throughout our ReNu Terra mats in the above video.


    Main Takeaways:

    • The porosity of horticulture substrate (also known as grow media) affects the roots' access to water and oxygen only when the root zone is contained within the substrate.
    • It's important that seeds are started in germination media that can maintain the right balance of moisture and air to allow for optimal germination and early root development.  
    • ReNu Terra Mats provide the ideal amount of substrate volume of fibers to allow more space for more oxygen and water for your plant's roots to bask in.

    Re-Nuble ReNu Terra Mat Spinach Trial

    (Picture shown represents a spinach trial. From left to right: Hemp Mat, ReNu Terra Mat, Felt Mat, Jute Mat)

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