Why are we doing this?  

In the current market, other organic-based alternatives pale in performance with regards to sterility and consistency in nutrient delivery. Other soil and hydroponic liquid fertilizers on the market contain chemicals and synthetics not found in our products – something that sets us apart and addresses the needs of people with the desire to grow food and plants indoors using non-toxic, bio-derived liquid fertilizers that are safe and affordable for every-day use. Go to top

What makes your products different?

Organic-based, soil and hydroponic liquid fertilizers are in demand, but many growers find the available options expensive, inconsistent and low-performing compared to chemical-based options. Our products, derived from organic certified produce waste, offer the same performance as a chemical fertilizer at up to 20-30% less of the cost, giving growers all the benefits of organic products without the downsides. Go to top

How do your products work?

In hydroponic applications, our nutrient solutions are mixed into an aerated reservoir that is monitored with pH and electroconductivity (EC) sensors. We have formulated Re-Nuble’s products to cater to most conventional hydroponic growing operations; our product application is similar to most nutrient solutions currently available on the market.  Go to top

With soil based gardening, Re-Nuble products can be applied similarly to a compost tea or nitrogen rich fertilizer. In soil applications, our nutrients can be applied directly to the soil per the application rate suggested on each respective product page.

Is our product organic and if not, why?

Currently, Re-Nuble products are not certified organic, but are made from 100% natural ingredients.  We are currently not organic certified as we are waiting for internal review for the certification process. We’re confident that we’ll be able to get our products certified, making it easier for soil and hydroponic growers everywhere to grow certified organic food.  Go to top

For what types of growing operations are your products best suited?

Our products are ideal for soil and hydroponic hobbyists and commercial scale growers, alike.  We have both vegetative and flowering formulas and are confident in our products’ suitability for most leafy greens and flowering plants. Go to top

Does it work with aquaponics?  Aeroponics?

We have not fully experimented with the Re-Nuble product in Aquaponics, but plan on developing a formula for these systems. We also have not tested Re-Nuble products with aeroponic systems. Due to the mechanics of those growing systems, we do not recommend using Re-Nuble products for aeroponic systems at this time. Go to top

Does Away We Grow®, TruBloom™, Booster Shot!® work with all plant types and hydroponics systems? 

No. Though our nutrient solutions have been tested on popular crops, such as leafy lettuce types and various herbs, we are continuing to conduct testing across other plants. Please be sure to read each product page to understand which nutrients are ideal for each soil and hydroponic systems. Go to top

What is the shelf-life for Re-Nuble products?

All three of our available products have a six-month shelf-life. Go to top

What are the “natural” ingredients in your products? That term is vague.

There is a lot of confusion around the use of the terms “organic” and “natural” in the food world. We feel our products are best described as “bio-derived” or “bio-based,” meaning that we only incorporate organic certified, plant-based/vegetative waste materials. Ingredients we use are kelp and common vegetables – like lettuce – in our production process. Go to top

Is the food waste we use organic?  If not, what’s the possibility that chemicals and pesticides used to grow that food affects the ‘organic’ nature of the solution?

We source only organic-certified produce waste from wholesale produce distributor(s). This is because our manufacturing process involves pasteurization and accelerated composting that breaks down the compounds of any residue that may have existed, such as pesticides, herbicides, etc. This is a great article that sheds more light on how decomposition/composting helps eradicate the existence of these chemical residues, if any. Go to top

How does your product perform compared to chemical alternatives on the market?

After numerous trials we have found that plants receiving our solutions generally grow at a similar rate to many synthetic hydroponic nutrient solutions currently on the market, which is a large achievement in the world of hydroponic growth formulas.  The main difference is that this is sourced from raw vegetative waste, not the mined, unsustainable ingredients used in most nutrient solutions growers use today.  We are planning on continually adjusting the formula until we can ensure optimum growth, outperforming other solutions in growth, price, and ingredients. Go to top

What's with the smell? 

Is it reusable?

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Have a question not addressed here? Please contact us; we’d love to hear from you! Go to top