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Using our proprietary method, Organic Cycling Science , we hyper-concentrated vegetative waste to pull out the most essential nutrients. This means maximizing for available growth hormones, enzymes, macro-and micronutrients, and optimizing for water solubility.  This effort was motivated by our interest to reduce our own shipping costs and climate profile, reducing our water shipping weight by 80%, and ensuring that these nutrients are available to your plants. 

Used for vegetative growth, Chilean Nitrate  (a non-synthetic mineral sourced from natural deposits of caliche ore found in the extremely arid Atacama desert of northern Chile, provides nitrates, sulfates, potassium, and iodine, while the remaining ingredients are from our sterilized, mixed vegetative waste and plant extracts that we process each day. This includes a mix of unrecoverable, residual byproducts from food manufacturing such as carrots, peas, amongst others. 

Every order will be sold at the minimum packaging level in order to optimize our own carbon footprint. We use food-safe, BPA-free, collapsible, clear liquid packaging. For every 10 of these collapsible liquid packages ordered and used, we will reduce the cost of your next order by $10.00 and provide a free return shipping label for us to receive them for sterilization and reuse. This bioplastic is compostable but will take years to compost. We are always actively seeking the best 100% compostable packaging solutions.


We also sell in 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes and can offer significant volume discounts. Please inquire by emailing us at


  • Non-Hazardous
  • Water-Soluble
  • Easy to pass, non-viscous liquid
  • Includes extracts of our Booster Shot© Biostimulant product
  • We have been told our products create a distinct flavor profile for produce


  • OMRI Certified Sodium Nitrate ("Chilean Nitrate")
  • Mixed steriliized, vegetative waste and plant extracts


  • 4 mL is to be diluted with each gallon of non-chlorinated, reservoir water
  • Highly concentrated to minimize shipping climate effect
  • It is incredibly important that one adhere to the electroconductivity (EC) requirements, amongst other items, of each plant variety as the usage rate of this product will vary greatly depending on the nutrient requirements of the plant being grown
Planet To Plate

Planet To Plate

"In hydroponics everything is simulated, the light, the inputs, the soil. With Re-Nuble, its the first time we’re inputting something real and it shows, because the benefits are enormous, we’re discovering new benefits along the way, and we’re thrilled about it." - Farm Operations Manager

A NYC Hydroponics Farmer and Educator

"My basil grew a little slow, but reasonably so given the Daily Light Integral (DLI) the plants were getting. It's pretty awesome that the Re-Nuble nutrients did not give off any odor, which is what a lot of people are worried about with organic fertilizers. There were no visible nutrient deficiencies in the lower leaves -- the basil was deep green all through. To me that means that the nutrients are well balanced and bio-available. That is not consistently true for mineral fertilizers. Maintaining the pH was a little tricky, but it's likely that I just overcompensated with pH up and had to overcome a buffer effect."

Perfect for Growing...

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Nitrogen 4%
  • Phosphorus 1%
  • Potassium 1%

Perfect for Growing...

Perfect for Growing...

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How much carbon emissions do we remove from the environment through this product?

Our water-soluble, liquid organic hydroponic nutrients sourced predominantly from sterilized vegetative waste. By using Away We Grow©, a one acre farm eliminates 1.62 metric tons of CO2 (equivalent) from the atmosphere and removes 18.75 pounds of CO2e that would otherwise have been released from food waste sent to landfills.

Is this product OMRI Certified?

Our certification is currently pending. We hope to soon announce when this certification is official per OMRI's assessment.

Will this product help my farm exceed the growth rate when using conventional, synthetic mineral salts?

No. We have to repeat this one again, No. (Inorganic) Conventional mineral salts are formulated in such as way that all minerals are ionically available to the plant. In a true biological environment this is not normal to how plants convert minerals into plant food for growth. It is often the case that more mineral salts are supplied to the plant and a farm's water reservoir for use than the plant actually requires. We have found that a 30 ppm of nitrate sourced from our products is sufficient for growth when tested on buttercrisp, for example. Suffice it to say, simply by the nature of how organic (inputs) nutrients work with plants, which is how we believe food production should be practiced, our products will never exceed the growth rate of mineral salts.

Will this product cause biofilm in my system?

Our production process allows us to destabilize living organisms during our pasteurization step (see image below) that would normally contribute to biofilm. However, biofilm can be encountered in a system solely using conventional mineral salts. This occurs as soon as bacteria attach to a surface and the lack of oxygenation available in the water. To prevent this, we strongly encourage people to use water with a dissolved oxygen level of at least 10 parts per million (ppm) and/or is setup to have a high level of water agitation and movement.

Will this clog my drip emitters and lines?

All of our liquid products are filtered using 20 micron filters have been compatible with Zip Grow drip emitters and aeroponic systems, for example.

Product Handling - How should this be stored?

We've deactivated any microbes that would make it unstable to be held at room temperature for a year without a shelf-stabilizer such as phosphoric or sulfuric acid. However, you should still keep this product away from direct light and its cap tightly sealed.

Which soilless systems is this product compatible for use?

All - Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep Water Culture (DWC), Ebb-and-Flow, ZipGrow, and Aeroponic.

How do you deliver a consistent product if your raw materials (vegetative waste) is variable?

After spending at least seven years performing research and development using various food waste characterizations and testing methods to produce our products, we are able to reach a consistent NPK baseline. We can guarantee an NPK, as assured by our Guaranteed Analysis, but cannot (at this time) guarantee a micronutrient analysis with each manufactured product batch.

But is there an odor to this?

There is no objectionable odor.

Does one need to allow time for the nutrients to acclimate in the water reservoir system before use with plants?

Thankfully, no. Your water reservoir does not need to be "acclimated" by supplementing with microbials or molasses before the product is introduced/applied to the water reservoir. The product is ready for immediate use (dilution in your water reservoir).

What is the shelf-life of this product?

One year.

How should pH be managed?

As you add pH incrementally over time the pH will tend to increase. Please adjust the pH accordingly per the crop's ideal pH range.

How do you ensure that all food safety related pathogens have been killed or removed during your process?

We're one step ahead of you. Check out the below illustration of our production process.

How have you verified that the product works and its benefits?

Re-Nuble works with several universities to facilitate objective third-party trials. We also work directly with farms to trial our product in their commercial settings, proving its efficacy and value, in exchange for farmer-led data to better understand our product and its uses.

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