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ReNu Terra™

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*This product is OMRI certifiable and is awaiting certification from OMRI, California's CDFA.
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15-20% cheaper than the leading industry substitute, eliminates common synthetic substrate landfill waste. Re-Nu Terra™, an immediately compostable grow media, designed to fully close the loop without compromising sterility, uniformity, water retention and drainage. Additional value is delivered by its micronutrients and carbon within.

Every order will be sold at the minimum packaging level in order to optimize our own carbon footprint. We are currently using a completely compostable packaging material that composts within weeks not years.

Also available as a loose for your custom blending with other substrates. Please inquire at if interested.


  • High water saturation and retention
  • Drainage level - High
  • Inert-Charged - Lightly charged
  • Fortified with less than 1% of macro and micronutrients
  • Peat-FREE
  • High aeration
  • Fully compostable (ReNu Terra and packagin)
  • pH - 5.8 - 6.2


  • Pine shavings
  • Activated Biochar with our heat sterilized plant extracts from mixed vegetative waste and biostimulants

Closing the Loop, Creating Sustainable Systems

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