ReNu Terra™ Mats

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Productivity Benefits Witnessed When ReNu Terra Mats Are Used:
  • Increase yields and harvest 20% faster, under optimal conditions
  • Higher air-filled porosity for healthier roots
  • Higher total moisture retention

ReNu Terra Mats are durable, sterile, absorbent, and consistent. Balanced for moisture and air through their fibrous structures. ReNu Terra Mats' superior aeration and increased root zone volume are commercially proven to support healthy root systems. Made of renewable, organic fibers such as drought-tolerant jute, as well as our proprietary BiCo fiber, which serves as a natural binder and is made from non-GMO sugar cane. As such, these mats are efficient to produce, not threatened by climate change, and have no negative impact on the environment.

Physical Properties: 

  • pH: 5.3
  • EC: 0.1


  • Optimized for automation-friendly commercial production and residential indoor gardening
  • Third-party lab verified  Zero Heavy Metals and Human Pathogen Risk

  • Both and home and industrial compostable and soon to be OMRI-Certified


  • Jute fibers
  • Re-Nuble Proprietary BiCo fiber

Perfect for Growing...

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FAQ Video #7 - ReNu Terra Mats - Reusability and Compostability
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Perfect for Growing...


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